Portable DAB Radio

    Looking for a battery powered DAB radio that I can sit in the bathroom (no power sockets) and have the radio for when I'm in the bath/shower.

    Looking around the £30 - £40 price range, any recommendations.


    I have a *Personal* one which you could connect to a mini speaker which you can have for much less than your budget, its a Phillips IIRC...

    I have this one but its higher than you wanted to pay at £52…8-1

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    Thanks, I'll maybe wait and see if the price drops any on that :0)

    Have a look for the Pure Mini, it is mains powered but you can buy a battery pack... The price seems to be around £40, but I have a couple that I didnt pay more than £25 each for them, so may be on offer again soon... battery pack seems to be around £25, which seems quite pricy, but may find it cheaper, only briefly looked...

    This one seems ok - it's bush, but only 34 quid.…htm
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