portable dvd player

    ok here goes, money to spend before wife gets a hold of it so, i am lookin for a portable dvd player, i have about £150 to spend. lookin for something that plays well but looks good too. any ideas ?
    p.s First post on this site, please be nice. Site is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.p.s Tried the priceline hotel thing for 4**** in glasgow and could not get one, max bid was £57, this included all taxes etc......


    Welcome to HDUK

    You may want to check out this offer.......…OUP

    Buy the handset for £109.99 & get a portable DVD player FREE !!

    If you want to you can even sell the phone on Ebay for around £80 (buy it nows are £120 - lol), so the DVD player will coss you less than £30

    ps - you can buy the misses some flowers with the change (discounts are in the voucher section - hehe)

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    will check out the deal, cheers

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    ordered the o2 phone but it is out of stock, any other offers ?

    Try [url][/url]

    Argos catalogue number 5335789. I think it is only available in store as it is a clearance line. Ventura 6.5 inch screen, with a bag and in-car accessories. £69ish reduced from £110ish. I bought one last week and it is a bargain.

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    phone arrived today with dvd player, v happy, thanks for the help guys esp chrisuk, great deal. wanna buy a phone ?

    no probs mate - cough Karma cough

    I'll buy the phone off you for 57 pence

    by the way - what is the DVD player ike?

    Any good ?

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    player is ok, doesn't seem to be any branded make. box says "premium series ARSPDVD270" I googled this and came up with nothing. It will do the job just fine.

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    just to let u know, phone sold for £85 today.
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