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    Sorry to post this again. Just wondering if there are any Portable DVD Players online or offline that has more battery life than 2.5 hours? And that arent too much


    How about this one from Argos…htm
    2.5 hours battery life and for less than £70

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    How about this one from Argos … How about this one from Argos hours battery life and for less than £70

    Thanks. How long would this last watching a movie? As travelling on some days for me is atleast 4 hours. Would this last for 4 hours watching dvds?

    This Philips one has a 4 hour battery @ £79.99. It's one of the few that has a battery that lasts longer than 2.5 hours.

    Note: Don't know if it matters but the top cover is white (not obvious from the photo).

    That Philips is fantastic for the price - the build quality, screen and sound are far superior to the cheap highstreet brands (e.g. Tevion, Accoustic Solutions, Wharfedale).

    One thing though - I don't think it has Divx playback, which is a shame.

    Toshiba portable dvd players are nice - they all have good battery life and Divx. I recently bought a nearly new Toshiba SDP1880SE from Ebay for £50 delivered - absolutely fantastic. Ebay is probably the way to go if you want a cheap one with DivX - they are about £100-130 retail.
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