Portable Electric Vs Gas Heaters

    Just wondering if it was cheaper to run a portable electric heater or a portable gas heater for indoor use..

    I stay in a block flat and unfortunately cant really switch to the cheapest electricity provider and neither do i have gas/central heating. (all the rooms have electric boost & electric storage heaters)

    I know the gas ones have higher capacity compared to the electric counter parts and are more expensive to buy...

    Just wondering if any one had any experience with either of them and their running costs..



    Gas heater would be your cheaper option

    electric heaters-oil filled cost a fortune to run, gas is cheaper & instantaneous heat, but if i was to use a gas heater i would definitely get a carbon monoxide detector.

    Electric heaters are better because the atmoshere you create with the portable gas heaters is not nice and you can get electric heaters that run on about 10 pence an hour that aint so bad:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Which electric heaters run at 10p / hour..

    Im a bit curious.

    I agree that with a gas heater need a carbon monoxide alarm.

    Also, can you get gas refill's at all petrol stations or there are a selected few?

    that does seem cheap, most local petrol stations stock gas refills.
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