Found 9th Mar 2009
Any idea about a cheap 500GB portable dard drive, guy ? Having 2 WD MyBooks, I'm tired with carrying chunky harddrive around. Best WD is around £100, too much for my budget. Any idea is appreciated. Thank you


Edit: I really should read descriptions better... OP wanted a portable 2.5" HDD...

Can't think of anything off the top of my head right now..

I've just looked on PC World, web exclusive, 1TB Hard drive 74.99 onwards. The other thing you could use is a 16gb memory stick, £35.96 PC World. Good luck.

If you know someone with a costco card they are doing WD 2.5" 350gb externals for 68 quid. :thumbsup:

You can get this:…tml

which is £79.99 + £2 postage. You get 4% quidco off it too, which is about £2.78.

Another good feature is that you can opt to pay over 3 months, at no extra cost.

I've used cdiscount often and they're pretty reliable. Also - they often do flash 5% off sales on Friday afternoons, so might be worth waiting for to save another couple of quid.

Hope it helps.

[btw - if it helps, I have a 250gb freeagent go, which is sealed and unused, which I'm selling for £45 delivered, if you're interested]

do what i do.. get a normal IDE laptop harddrive off ebay, then pop it into a caddy (about £5 off ebay also)...

its a make shift portable harddrive that wont cost you mega bucks... !!!




for your choice of capacity... will cost ya cheap in my opinion...


its blocking out the ********* on the url for the caddy... input it yourself dude..

cgi . eb4y . co . uk


cgi . eb4y . co . uk

Use [url][/url] to add ebay links. :thumbsup:

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I think i might go for the Verbatim on CDiscount ...uhmm still prefer something smarter ( if i can find one). Cheers everybody !

Tesco had some 500gb for approx £50 do not know the make though


Tesco had some 500gb for approx £50 do not know the make though

Yep, but those were 3.5" ones - the 2.5" are about twice the price.
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