Portable Hard drive case

    Hello just recived my lacie 160gb portable hard disk and it looks very delicate.

    Any advice on a case to transport the HD without it becoming damaged?

    been searching but just finding HD housing.



    what's the size dimensions? iomega used to do a nice bag ... sometimes i transport mine in an ice bag (not the plastic bags, the proper bags for picnice etc ... there are small trendy ones available)

    ---- just did a quick search - is it this ]model? looks rather thin (and flimsy).

    if it is there's a soft ]compact case for it.

    Original Poster

    hi its 8 cmx13 cm with a depth of 1.5 cm.

    the ice bag sounds like a good idea.


    I have got a case logic portable hard drive case which is decent has it's split in two so it stores your USB cable on one side and then your hard drive securely on the other side. My current external hard drive is a western digital 250gb external hard drive
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