Portable hard drive from windows to Mac advice needed.

Found 10th Dec 2017
Hi I have a portable hard drive with photos stored on it which I put on with a windows laptop. I now hav a mac air. So my question is will it work on my mac? If so do I just plug straight in or is there some software I need? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. T
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You can plug it straight in and depending on the format you will only be able to read and not write
If it is FAT32/exFAT you will be able to read write and NTFS is read only
It might not work, windows and mac use different file systems i think but it wont hurt to try it, just plug it in and see if you can see your files on it.
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I won’t lose my files will I?
You definitely won’t lose files if you just plug it in and don’t press any prompts.
There’s a rare chance when you plug it in, it will ask to initialise... don’t do that! Just plug it in and wait for it to appear in the sidebar of the finder window.
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As above but maybe backup first, if poss, just incase
It should read, but not necessarily write, depending on which format the drives in.

You can use Tuxera NTFS for mac or Paragon NTFS for full access. These are the two that I've used in the past.
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