Portable Laptop

    Afternoon all.

    I am looking for a portable laptop to take on holidays etc. Nothing top of the range just all the basic features and being light and portable. Obviousley one that wont break down after the 3rd use.

    Any help would be great.

    thank you


    The Dell 1300 on the front page: Here first or the second link on there with upgrades for less then £400 and brand new should be ideal. As MikeT says in the main forum, you might be able to get the £299 price for the lower spec 1300 if you call Dell. But please read the thread in the Hot Deals forum for other useful advice.

    I have one slim laptop on sale off ebay. Please follow this link:

    mod edit: removed eBay auction as they're not allowed in the forums

    Please don't post eBay auctions in the forum, as they're not allowed... Thanks.

    How much £? And what spec does your laptop have? Could you PM me the ebay link? Cheers
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