Portable Movie Player

    Are there any decent Portable Media Players (preferably 20gb or more) that are around the £100-£150 mark?

    Thanks in Advance


    u wnt get cheap one other then the goodmans one and a ipod video or creative xen vision

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    It doesnt need to be cheap. £100+ but preferably 20gb+.

    Any portable media players?

    you can get the end of line Archos 404, which is 30gb and excellent for £128 here:…ull

    You can get 3.5% quidco and just check the vouchers for free delivery type offers.

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    Thanks for that. No free delivery vouchers but store pickup may be an option. Are there any others for around this price too?

    ok, £126.85 delivered from Pixmania and still 3% quidco:…tml

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    ok, £126.85 delivered from Pixmania and still 3% … ok, £126.85 delivered from Pixmania and still 3% quidco:

    Im the kind of person that cant wait so Im thinkin instore at Currys on Monday unless there is a better offer?

    Thanks for your help

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    Where is the cheapest place to get a Archos 604?

    Amazon is usually pretty good place to start, but check delivery times as they can be quite long. Or else, Pixmania has a good archos store. ut

    For the 604 (wifi or non wifi versions), Amazon has the best prices.

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    Ive had a look and with codes its £166 at Dabs.

    Delivery - 1 to 3 days
    Not in Stock - More Stock in 1 to 2 days

    When roughly would I receive it? They reliable enough?

    John Lewis with codes is about £190.
    Amazon (no codes) comes up at £183.83 (just noticed this is from the marketplace and not amazon)

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    Going to order this before 12 so I can use the code. Does anyone know how long Dabs usualy take (this is out of stock for 1-2 days)
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