Found 28th Oct 2009
Is the ipod and which one, the only or the best portable music player thats compact ? or what can you store lots of music on for travel ling about?
Is the Creative ZEN 16GB MP3 Player better?


Oh now you have gone and done it. Prepare for lots of this one is better - oh no its not.

I have two ipods, classic and nano and love them. I like itunes and the interfaces and i like the fact that there are loads of speakers, docks etc available for them.

However they are probably not the best mp3 players on the market. Loads with better sound quality and more features like the sony ones. However even sony make hi-fi's with ipod docks in them so thats why I went for an ipod.

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Thanks for that about the docking bit , :i)

ive got a cowon d2 the best sound EQ and video quality available you cant better it

zen is much better than ipod as it has a card reader to allow for more storage space + ipod's sound quality is dreadful because of the lack of EQ adjustable and is generally poor

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this looks like my cup of tea but they all seem good at the top value range.
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