Portable PA System

Posted 13th Nov
Having a small gathering around 50 people looking for a PA system need it mainly for Acoustic singing no need for music. Seen one in Argos £100 no idea what brands are good how much watts. Any help will be useful budget £150 max.

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What type or size of space / room / environment will the event be taking place in?

Will there be multiple performers singing / playing instruments at the same time?

Do you need any provisions to plug in a semi-acoustic instrument or will you need additional mics to 'mic up' an acoustic instrument?

I would avoid the PA speaker from Argos. It only has provisions for one microphone with a 1/4" jack input. Unless that's all you need?

If you were to need more mics for multiple singers / acoustic instruments, you would be looking at a system with stereo PA speakers, amplifier and a small mixing desk to accommodate XLR (microphone) and 1/4" jack (instrument) connectors and possibly speakon (speaker) connectors.

If it's only a one-off gig, have a search and see if there are any PA hire companies close to where you live.
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