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    I'm looking to replace my ageing, little, Casio portable TV. It has given me many years of excellent service but its 1.5" screen is finally failing so it's time to buy a new one.

    The new one will have to have a digital tuner since the analogue signal will be switched off in the UK within the next few years. I'd like a bigger screen as well this time, say between 4.5" to 7". An internal HD would be nice too so that I can record programmes but it is not essential.

    I've looked around and there are plenty of models to choose from but, I have no idea of how good they are and it's really easy to buy a turkey instead of a swan so, I'd very much appreciate any recommendations you can give me or, any good review sites you know of.
    (Oh dear! I've just ended a sentence with a preposition. My old English teacher will be turning in his grave!)


    Erm, 1.5"?:?

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    I must offer my humble apologies as I forgot that screens are measured diagonally. It actually has a 2.3" screen. :roll:
    It is the Casio TV-770D and it was cutting edge technology in the 1990s when I bought it.
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