Portable Twin Screen DVD Player - For car

    Looking for the best deal on a dvd player for the car to keep the kids happy when we drive down to Spain, need twin screen, divx would be nice but not essential, as cheap as possible as it wont get much other use, screen size 7" would be nice.

    Tesco have a reasonable deal online but it is not clear if it comes with anything other than the player and the two screens……spx

    As always your help will be much appreciated


    It's hard to tell. You could phone them and ask before ordering.
    If you have an urgent issue regarding a current order, please contact us on:
    0845 600 44 11

    Opening times for the Customer Services Centre are:
    [*]Monday to Friday - 8am to 11pm
    [*]Saturday - 8am to 8pm
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    This one from Agos seems to have the lot.:-
    £124.99 but you will get a £10.00 voucher if you're quick.

    Ooooo, £99.99 also from Argos:-


    Make sure it comes with a cig lighter power connector as the supplied batteries normally only last an hour or two. I'm not sure but you may not even be able to run these using the car battery for too long either as they use a lot of charge (even when driving).

    Try woolies instore. They usually have them marked down in my local for some reason. Try TJ Hughes too…863

    i bought this and they are great. Comes with cig lighter and adapter to plug into mains; 7" screens too.

    I got the venturer 7" one from argos when they were £80 last november i think,Quality is fantastic just wish i could sit in the back on the way to france this year.

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    ] bought this and they are great. … ] bought this and they are great. Comes with cig lighter and adapter to plug into mains; 7" screens too.

    Not too sure on the idea of the 'laptop style of one screen' do both fit on the back of the headrest ?

    If you have a toys r us near have a look at ]these.
    They stuck in my mind when I saw them, but I already had a single screen bulkmiester so i didnt get them but would have.
    Minimal wires sounds good, but not sure what they class as minimal.
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