Portaventura tickets in salou!

    Anyone know any cheap places to get these? Best ive got is £48 each, which is 14 days for the price of 3....even a one dayer is good enough! Danke schon!


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    Top lad! You deserve a snog for that!

    Thank you Greg.

    i recommend Dragan Khan. Bloody great ride

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    You going aswell?

    hi we wemt last year and it was great.. spent all day round the pool and got to the park bout 7 and stayed til it closed at midnight..The water park is very good too:thumbsup:

    [SIZE=2]Been before, and will go again. Its great. As good as Alton Towers without the q's and rip off food/booze prices . Great rapids ride, you will get wet. Take in the show in the chinese area and american area. Log fume is good. Light show on the lake at the end of the night wasn't the best. You will Also get free entry into the water park next door, which is also worth a couple of hours, and you can still go straight into the theme park when you have had enough of the water park. We were there mid June, and i couldn't believe how quiet the place was. Trust me, its one of europes best kept secrets[/SIZE]

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    thank u very much im going mid june too, got family over there!

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    Booked! Woohoo not long to go, anyone got any more tips on this place?

    don't know if i read it right but i am buying annual tussaurds tickets with my clubcard deals and if i have read the tussaurds site right it states you can get in to portaventura with it too .…asp

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    Yeah certainly looks that way. shame i got my tickets last night :-( these would of been good. Oh have a good time visiting all them places!

    i got mine from an irish bar when we were there, danny boys i think, we had 2 day passes for €30 each

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    i got 3 days for £34 am happy with that, first one we seen was £48

    i went on my honeymoon to spain and we went there a couple of times it was only up and coming then but still really alot of fun best log flume ride ever seats loads and yes very wet but the rides were great apparently now they have a hotel there would like to go again soon and try that

    7 day ticket 40quid 8thjuly-13thjuly
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