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Posted 15th Sep
Hi, I'm with EE at the moment on a 24 month contract and about half way through, my signal is really poor around my area, always has been but lately I feel its worse.

Anyway I want to switch provider, I need to keep my number but EE say that if I port my number mid contract the contact will end and I have to pay the remaining amount, but this would be money for nothing, whereas I could give this contract to my son (he'd be happy as he only uses it for data and he would get 30gb on my contract) and I would save £10 month on his contract which would go towards my new one.

The question is has anyone got any tips suggestions on dealing with EE, to achieve what I want because at the moment I'm getting nowhere.

I have tried the poor signal argument, but ages ago I addmited it was like it from when I took the contract out.

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you can't... if you port your number out,it will cancel your contract. if you port a number in, your current number will go in to the recycled numbers for two years or so.. never to be seen again
Its simple - you cant. Your mobile number is tied into a contract. Like the advisor said if you leave mid term you will have to pay remainder if your contract. There is no way around it.
thanks for the replies, I'll keep moaning at complaints and ofcom on the off chance, you have both kinda confirmed my suspicion though.
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