Porting a mobile phone number twice.

    I am out of contract shortly with my mobile on TMobile. I'm want to stay with Tmobile but take up one of the deals on e2save or coolnewmobile as they are generally better than the operator can offer, particulalry with quidco. I need to keep the same mobile number though.

    Could I transfer my current number to say a Tesco Mobile PAYG at the end of the contract. Close the Tmobile contract, then open another TMobile contract via E2save and then port my number back to the new one? Is there a particular "minimum term" that you must keep your ported number over to a new operator? Or would I be able to turn this round easily in a week or two?

    any ideas and information appreciated!


    I think it depends on the operator how long you have to stay with them - previously Virgin used to be a favourite for porting to and then back, the minimum term was around a month by memory. There can be some delays in getting the PAC, then the new operator accepting it and eventually doing it all in reverse although you're probably aware of the potential disruption.


    ^^^^ dont worry about what hes said

    its easily done switch to any payg network wait a 1week then join whatever contract and switch back PRESTO done it can be done.

    or all you gota tell t-mobile is to change your sim to payg for meanwhile and then when you change to contract again just tell them your already on payg and let them work their magic.

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    Nice one. thanks both for your advice.
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