Porting in & out PAC codes

Found 13th Sep 2017
Hi all,
I'm having to port away from 3 to another network & then back in order to keep my number,
does anyone know which network is best / fastest to do this with?
thanks for all advice
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Assuming you have your PAC from Three

Buy a EE PAYG SIM from eBay for 99p with £5 account credit included. They come direct from EE.
Put SIM in phone then text DP1 to 150 (that gives 10mins 10 texts 100mb £1 per week off your £5 included credit. This should be enough for the 1 day you are with EE

DAY 1 (before 4pm)
Fill on the online form with EE to port to this PAYG SIM you have bought.

Number ports to EE

Day 3
Ring EE and ask for PAC code
Fill out online form to port back to new Three contract (Before 4pm)

You will transfer back to Three on new contract with old number.

I've done it loads of times with no issues
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I Talked to three via live chat, and they told me to port my number from my three contract to a three pay as you go then port it back to my new three contract. I told them i didnt think they would port from one three to another but they said they will port to a pay as you go back to contract
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