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    My new T-Mobile contract has a rubbish number and I can't port my number from my existing Vodafone contract as it's not finished yet, so I bought a number on ebay which happened to be on T-Mobile. Turns out you can't port "internally" - I wasn't 100% sure of this but did google it before buying the number and most people said it was fine. Anyway, I'm going to port it to an unused O2 payg sim instead and then port it back to T-Mobile but on to my new contract, does anyone know if you can only request the PAC code after a certain number of days? or can I request it from O2 as soon as the number has been transferred to them?

    thanks for any help.


    Head... hurts.... too... much... porting!

    Rgister the sim and give them a call

    I ported from Orange PAYG to Orange contract :thinking:

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    Phoned O2 earlier and got the number transferred, I just hope I can request the PAC straight away and don't need to wait 30 days or something like that. Don't know why T-Mobile can't just do it, seems a bit stupid and a right pain.
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