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    I am thinking of taking out a new contract having just been on a rolling 30 day contract for a while now. I would like to keep my number. However, I am under the impression that you cant port your number to the same network and I would ideally like to stay on T-mobile. Is this true, if so, does anyone know any workarounds?



    Get a free payg sim from another network, port to that. Start a new contract. Get pac for payg, move old number from payg to new contract, job done.
    This works. it's done all the time. . .

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    Thanks, thought it might have to be although seems crazy you cant port directly.

    When you take out the new contract, do providers have a cut off period for porting a new number in?

    What you're doing is called a 'back door upgrade' (getting a new customer deal while being an existing customer) and no network will allow it.

    The only network with a limit is Voda, you have to give them the pac at the point you sign up. All other networks allow you to port in at any time in the contract.

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    Thats great thanks

    could you not ring the sales team for the network providor you are on? surely they would change you from the 30 day rolling contract to a new 18 month / 24 month contract obviously supplying a handset etc too?!

    just my input :-)


    If the op wants a standard upgrade then the the network will indeed move his number from a sim only to any other contract.
    I was assuming that he wanted to go via Quidco or that he could get a better deal through one of the online dealers . . .

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    Steve was right, yes I was looking at one of the cashback/claim contracts although if the retentions offer that would be good to.

    I was on a 30 day simplicity contract with O2, and changed to a 12 month one to get the cashback. O2 didn't have a problem with it - ported my old number to the new sim. But that was O2 - maybe T mobile have different rules?
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