Posted 19th Jun 2021
Hi. I need help regarding porting numbers. I didnt find any answer on Google or other posts.

My husband has a phone contract with EE (10th month) , but we have just moved house and he doesn't get much signals on his sim.

And as I need a new phone I thought that we could get a phone contract with O2 and he can keep the O2 sim and I could have his previous EE sim (I dont use much data).

My question is can we change his number on the EE contract, puting my number instead of my husband or if EE could give us any new number (so I can use it on my dual sim for data when im outside) ? And his number swaps to PAYG so he can put his number on the new O2 contract.

PS: Im sorry its a little bit confusing, I had to read it twice too

Thanks for ur help. Sorry for late replies, using my husbands hotspot as we dont have wifi yet
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