Porting number - worth it?

Found 15th Apr
I have a contract with ID Mobile costing £7 per month, but they are currently offering a deal for £5 per month which would suit my current usage. I have just been on the phone to them, and they are unwilling to change my contract over. Does anyone know if I could take out a new contract, get my pac code, and transfer my number straight over to the same network, or would I have to transfer it to another provider and transfer back? It is only £2 a month, but it adds up lol
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If your out of contract you will have to give them 30 days notice.

if your still in contract, you would be worse off having 2 contracts.

You could get a pac code to leave and yes you will have to port it across to another network and transfer it back across to 1d.

Im all for saving money but seriously for 50p a week it isnt worth the hassle.
You need to move to Plusnet. Free to move around to different deals . Simple phone call all it takes to
No porting only works across network. You can change your contract if your out of contract but only to deals for existing customers, new customer offers can only be achieved by cancelling and starting a new contract.

Mobile phone companies generally rip off those wanting to keep their number so don’t be too precious about your phone number.
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Three wouldnt port from one contract to another but they would port to a pay as you go back to contract so ask your provider if they can do that
Try again a different sales person probably move u to the 5 pound deal
I would try again with another advisor and see how you get on, if no joy then port to another network and back. £2 pm adds up to £24 per year better off in your pocket than theirs especially if new plan suits you better.
What was their reasoning for not giving the £5 deal? If you are in contract then most suppliers won’t allow a downgrade, though upwards would be allowed.
If you are not in contract, then as others have said call back.
As for PAC, just like credit card balance transfers. You can’t use them within the same network/company without venturing elsewhere first.
I had the same experience with ID when trying to move to a more appropriate contract. Shocking company to deal with, and incapable of even simple tasks.
Well I tried again with another advisor and they weren't playing ball, so I took out the other contract with them and transferred my number to Virgin. Transfer went through today, so I just phoned to get the pac code from Virgin, but apparently they can't get it before midnight on the day of the transfer. A bit long winded, but I guess it beats wasting £24 a year!
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