Porting Vodafone Payg Number To A New Vodafone Contract

    I just want to make sure it is possible, because I don't want to lose my number.
    I had a contract which expired, so I moved to PAYG. I am going to take a new Vodafone contract, but not directly from Vodafone - it is from a cashback website
    Also I am going to get a PAC code for the PAYG number I want to keep.
    My question is - is it possible to port the number after I get the new contract? I believe the whole porting procedure will be done after the new contract is activated. Will it work that way?

    Thank you in advance


    I didnt think it was possible to port your number on the same network. I was told by a provider to enable you to port your number you have to move to another network. Maybe Im wrong!!

    I did moved from O2 contract to payg via PAC

    i took my payg o2 number to a contract and they also used any credit left on my payg towards my bill just rang customer services
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