Portsmouth FC Taken Over (AGAIN)

    Balram Chainrai has taken over Portsmouth, hes the bloke that loaned Al-Faraj £17 million to pay off the clubs debts. He hasnt been repaid as promised and so has seized control of the club under the terms of the loan.


    Bored, I might buy them next.

    Original Poster

    "He is understood not to be interested in a long-term ownership.''

    That should reassure the Pompey fans lol


    Personally, I couldn't give a rat's ass if Avram Grant is poking Miss World. Who cares? (Though it wouldn't probably make a great flick to blackmail him with!) :w00t:

    Same goes with John Terry. I don't care that he was the 5th Chelsea Player to "go there". But it is quite embarrassing for the leak that he's actually the man with the slops.
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