Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amps available in the UK - £225 Delivered (No extra fees) Via GuitarGuitar

Posted 2nd Dec 2020
These amps released a little while ago now. Positive Grid had big problems with shipping, most of which was due to Covid-19 by the looks of it. Some customers were waiting months and months for their order, while PG gradually fulfilled those orders.

The amps get a very good write up, offering something different from most small practice amps out there and at a fair price. Sadly that price was kind of ruined once you add UK tax + Import fees into the equation.

Good news for us as it looks like GuitarGuitar are one of the first UK retailers to actually have them in stock.

In order to buy one you have to email or use online chat, tell them that you're interested and give your email to them. They'll then email you a link that you can use to buy one.

Yep, it's not an idea way to buy, but the indications that I got from GuitarGuitar using online chat, was that this is the only way they've been allowed to sell them. I'm genuinely interested but haven't decided 100% yet.

Delivery on my quote is for the 4th Dec, which is far quicker than buying direct from PG. Also there's no import tax / extra costs - Which you can confirm in the chat for your piece of mind.

If you are interested - Click Here to see the info on guitarguitar
There's no obligaton to buy, just because you have requested a link to your email



Award Winning Bias Engine
The Spark features a large selection of realistic amps and effects which create some of the most impressive modeling tones available today. This is all powered by the same engine used on the pro level Positive Grid equipment.

Multifunctional Applications
The Spark is fully equipped with amp models designed for electric, acoustic and bass. A perfect solution for multi-instrumentalists and those looking to expand their musical horizons.

A Ready To Go Backing Band
The Smart Jam feature assesses your chords, tempo and feel to create a drum & bass backing track to accompany your playing. A fast and easy way to hear how your ideas would work in a band setting whenever inspiration strikes.

Learning Just Got Easier
Select a song from the millions available across a number of online platforms/libraries and Spark's app will show you the chords to songs, letting you play along in real-time. You can also loop individual sections or adjust the speed to learn at a tempo that is comfortable for you.

Hands-Free Control
The IOS/Android app can be controlled via voice command, freeing up your hands to keep playing and making your jam session a whole lot easier

Rich High Fidelity Sound

The two 4" custom-designed speakers work in unison with a tuned bass-reflex port to produce a hi-fi grade stereo sound. Any style of music will "shine" when streamed via Bluetooth.

Convenient Recording Interface

Simply plug the Spark into your computer via USB to access its recording capabilities. With a free copy of PreSonus Studio One Prime included, you have all you need to get started.
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