Possible 3DS for only £99.99 from www.dealerdirectgamesuk.eu - can anyone confirm if this site is legit?

Any-hoo, I've been looking for a 3DS now that Zelda has come out, and I stumbled upon this site purporting to sell a brand new aqua blue console for only £100:


This just seems to good to be true. Has anyone used these guys before? I'm sure I've overlooked something here (maybe they only sell to retailers..?), just can't see what the catch is.

Whaddya reckon, folks?


Don't even need to look at the site to say it's a scam


Didn't read the post, but its a scam.

The fact they have stolen the add to basket from hmv says enough really.

They are a well and trusted website........to rob you off your money and not supply you with anything


The worrying aspect is that the OP even had to ask.

Original Poster


The worrying aspect is that the OP even had to ask.

Er.. I was just testing you of course!

Well done you passed!(_;)


Great price, ordered 2

Yay! Order Confirmation!!! My 0000000000000000 card worked

u can not get in touch with these people and they do not have an email address it dosnt add up!! nice price but dont think u will see a 3ds in the post im saying well dodgy keep away!!!!!!!!

ordered! seems legit cos only some of the buttons are stolen from HMV. I'll update when it arrives


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Oh dear... this website is registered with moneysavingexpert as a scam. The telephone number is the only thing that stays constant, its previously been called cheapbundledgames.co.uk and is hosted by one.com which is registered to an unknown address in Denmark. I hope no one has really ordered from these!!


Still waiting for my order, i rang the company today but the owner said he was on the bus and it was difficult to hear me so i have to call back later. Seems legit to me.

i think this company are possibly responsible for my credit card fraud?


Still not revived, rang the guy again and he said he can't take anything further until 3 months have passed..


i think this company are possibly responsible for my credit card fraud?

No possibility. Definitely.

Thank goodness I read these posts before I ordered - thought it was too good to be true!!!

they certainly are responsible for credit card fraud, my wife has just had money taken from her card with all details. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ON THIS SITE

Trust me its a scam, funny was on the site ten mins ago and now cant get on it...link bust! either on there way to Barbados or trading standards just pulled it.
Site runs same way as tvsdirect2u, iwantthatgigt.com, dellboyinternationalytraders.com
run by 2 crooks from MK...Sharon is up to it again!...one day shaz...one day.

Looks as though you cant get passed an error message on the order screen - thankfully

Thanks guys!!! thort it woz 2 gud 2 b true>>>>> sorry for those who have been ripped off tho - the *********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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