Possible EasyJet scam? anyone else had this happen?

Found 10th Nov 2009
went to book some flights with EastJet this evening for sept next year

The booking was for a party of 7 and the website gave me a price of £153 per person.

Went to book with my Nationwide debit card and the EasyJet website said my card had been declined!!!!

Tried to book again a few minutes later and the price was the same £153 per person and so i put the same card details in again and it was accepted but then EasyJet website informed me the price had gone up to £177 per person !!!!!

I dfid not book the flights but called Nationwide to find out why my card was rejected. They told me that they had received no payment request from easyJet and that there was absolutely no reason for the any rejection.

So is this just an unfortuneate coincidence or an easyJet scam??

any ideas - anybody else seen this happen?

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You may have entered the wrong card details, one number wrong or something like that.

When you went on again, the first 7 tickets were still 'reserved' for you, so the price increases as the plane fills up.

If you wait 'a while' the price will probably go down again.
TBH folks that's what i guessed

so tried 30 mins later and yes flights back down to £153!

tried booking with the same card again - that's the only one with enough funds - and same thing again - yes numbers were correct (double checked)

Forced the website back, rather than starting again - used my wifes Smile card and it all went through

Formal complaint going into Nationwide - who claim they have never had this problem before !!!!

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