Possible ebay scam?

I've got a phone listed on ebay for sale. I then recieved the following message:

"Hello mate would it be ok if I bought this phone has a present and pay through my paypal for the person to come collect in person. if thats ok please send me your contact number. thanks"

Seems like a fair comment until I got the below message from a different user:

"would collection be ok for this item as im buying it as a present so the person could come collect it after me making payment via paypal. If thats fine could you give me your contact number please.thanks"

Both members had feedback. I think it must be dodgy, or just a massive coincidence.

If this is a scam, how could it affect me? Anyone seen something similar?

Thank you


personally i always insist on cash on collection as you have no proof they got the item from you.

i would be very careful as it sounds dodgy to me

they could put a claim in with paypal that they didnt receive the item and you will have no proof of postage and they will be refunded so i would only accept cash on collection

I agree, sounds a bit dodgy. What I think they might do is collect the phone from you in person and then make a claim threw paypal saying they did not recieve the item, you will have no proof of postage so you will have no leg to stand on I imagine. Think I would avoid this just incase, if it feels dodgy it probably is!

Never ever accept paypal payment if a person is collecting, its impossible for you to prove they received it, on a phone the only delivery I would use is Special delivery with adequate insurance also keep a copy of the IMEI number just incase then you can get it blocked *#06# to find it also under the battery on most phones.


either cash on collection or you send the item .......... don't do paypal & pick up

its happening quite a lot, someone takes over a paypal account then collects the item ........ then the paypal account holder opens a dispute etc

in the end you have no money & no phone

why would they buy it for someone and get that other person to collect it?

Original Poster

Yeah I thought it was probably dodgy. Thanks for the reassurance.

they will have sent out hundreds of these email offers,they are scammers and dont bother to check if they have already made the offer via another name...i dont suppose your allowed to put usernames up here are you??also block them from bidding on your items...never ever ever send anything not recorded/Special del for a phone..xx



yep 100% dont let them pay via paypal

I'd ask for the PayPal details of both party & their respective contact numbers in advance of sharing "yours".

Quote your local Police Station's postal address as the place to collect the mobile handset from, and then just swap over payment & contact details with the alternate party.

The two may then cancel each other out when they realise they have been duped instead.

Pity you will not be able to listen to the conversation when one rings the other to clarify the address upon arrival, but maybe if you tell the Police Station front desk staff then they'll record it all for you to replay later.

Good luck.



Publish the questions on your listing. Shows other members what your going to say.

I am a buyer with ebay, and have been for a while now, I would never ever ask this of someone. I always buy things paying with paypal, I never ever bid for something that is pick up only. I prefer to use paypal, as then I have my back up that I have paid for something. I think this is a scam, check the feedback of a customer whenever your buying, if they have a load of unpaid disputes in their feedback,which they would from a person like yourself if u had gone thru with it n given them the fone. u would naturally leave an angry feedback denying it. so chk feedback always, if they have good feedback and have been a customer for a while then i accept they are ligit. but as i say i never ever buy from ppl who want me to colletct item,u just dont know who this person is comeing to your dr, i have sold a few times on ebay,n always post n always would if someone wanted to pick it up i would say NO.
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