Cemap mortgage advisor course reduced with code

Posted 22nd Nov 2019

Not sure if anyones interested but I signed up for a cemap course with this company and a few weeks ago the course changed slightly to the old spec. I cancelled it (without any fuss from them) and contacted them to complain. They got back to me and said it was some sort of issue with the website and they're fixing it and gave me a discount code.

I used the code and it was more than 50% off which they told me it would be, I thought it was a one off code but gave it to my mate and it worked for him. Seems like it works,

Anyway got the course for £27.25, cheapest I found, next best price of £99 which is groupon. Course is decent just know they're updating the content and they said it'll be 3 weeks before it's up to date.

Not everyone is going to find this useful but some may, here's the code:


websites: uacademy.co.uk/


Good luck!
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