Possible "hack" for anyone to get a Costco card ???

Posted 9th Jun 2022
I'm kind of doing this on the fly, so i'm quite willing to be proven wrong but please feel free to yell at me or tell me i'm wrong or anything semi-constructive

Was watching the Costco thing on Channel 5 and they confirmed with 3 different stores that anyone with RAC or AA Breakdown cover can get a full Costco membership, which, I assume, means a card and access to the Warehouse.

Now I was looking at the AA Website for Breakdown cover and you can, apparently, get Breakdown cover for yourself as an individual in any vehicle for £8 a month on Direct Debit.

There's a 14 day cooling off period after which, I assume, the Direct Debit for the first payment is taken out.

Now it says on the website that they'll send your membership card by post so I'm thinking that if you can get this, you're in. And if it comes within the cooling off period, I assume you can subsequently cancel and be free and clear as well as long as you've tied up your Costco Membership before then as well.

Obviously the one potential problem I can see is that you might have to pay at least one payment of £8, so your total outlay for a card would be £41.60 but if it gets you a full membership then I think it's still probably worth it.

I will probably give Costco a bell tomorrow to confirm for sure, but can anyone see any potential hiccups ?
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