Possible loophole for terminating online contracts early without penalty

Found 26th Apr
Asking here (from hotukdeals.com/com…301)

I am only half way through BT contract.

Thinking: I should call BT and take whatever new contract they offer me, then cancel within 14 days (per online purchase rights), which makes me just a regular full-price non-contracted BT customer, then I can effectively leave BT without penalties.

Sounds too easy. I must be missing something
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It doesn't work like that .... or else everyone would jump on the bandwagon!
I think if you upgrade your package they don't provide the 14 days cancellation. But you may be best to check before you make things worse
If you were half way through a contract, they wouldnt offer you a new contract, unless you were upgrading your service, from copper broadband to fibre broadband, say for instance.

The upgrade wouldnt have a 14 day cooling off period as one the call they would tell you, you have up until the end of the call to change your mind, but if you are happy with the changes, then you are bound by the terms of contract for the 12/18 month. As applicable.
If you start a new contract/promotion and then change your mind, you get reverted back to how you were before the changes were made, also be careful doing this as some services have no cooling off period as not all are covered by the distance selling regulations.
So your plan simply will not work, some providers can offer early contract buyouts though to cover some or all of the early termination charges but best checking in advance.
You would have 14 days to back out of the upgrade only. You would not be able to terminate everything.
Answering my own question: I called BT and they only do "upgrades" mid contract, I can't start a new contract unless moving house.
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