Possible or not?

    Hi guys...

    Currently looking for a freeview box for my tv in my room.

    The best price ive seen is the one in Argos for £29.99. However my local store doesnt have any instock and wont have for a few weeks unfortunatly.

    So I was wondering, do you know anywhere - preferably online - that offers a similar freeview box as argos for the same price or less?

    All links appreciated!

    Phil :pirate:


    Phil, I am sure you can order it from the Argos website. Postage is £4.95 so it would still only be £35.

    Alternatively, has a freeview box for £50.00. With triple points and 1000 free this is £34.00. You can then use the £3.50 off code as well as the 500 free points code. And if you use Quidco it will be around £25.00 I think.

    The offers at Boots run out tonight so you better be quick.

    Watch out! We bought one from Argos and it had no BBCi/red button services!! Make sure it says "Interactive Text Services" or something like that on the description.

    Original Poster

    Dam, pitty i didnt read this last nite.

    However, I got a freeview box from Tesco's today. It cost £30 as it was meant to be £35 but we had a £5 off £20 spend at Tescos. This one actually seems better than the argos one - It has two scart connections at the back plus it has the interactive service too. It's also a better known make ... Bush ... whereas the argos one is a Sagem I think - a little less known

    Pretty nifty boxes these. I even checked online on their site and it said we couldnt have freeview, but I've got the box set up and every channel available works. So I'm happy - no more boring nights of just having 5 channels to flick thro lol


    I have a sagem, but it's the one which is £5 more because it has the red button!

    Original Poster

    lol ..

    well ive just spent the last hour or so messing about with it ... Damm good 'tis! lol.


    The best one i have come across is from ASDA (Pacific make) - it's small, silver, interactive & at £30 it's a bargain !!

    I tried watching England beating Australia on a very sexy Panasonic box at a friends house.
    Unfortunately they are not in an official digital area and so we got lots of pauses and skipped frames, which added even more to the tension!
    I used to have an ITV Digital box and that used to go all blocky when reception quality dipped. Does anyone know whether the newer boxes are actually suppressing dodgy frames now, instead of displaying bad ones?

    No !

    I had an indoor aerial and it was crap ! The picture sort of freezed, then resumed, sound would dip etc.

    When I moved my aerial to the outside of the house, I get great recpetcion now with ZERO frame loss

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    I occasionaly get freezeframe and dips in sound .. but thats because im in a medium-poor digital coverage area. Im using the aerial thats up on the chimney and running it thro a signal booster before it gets to my freeview box.

    Its a bit annoying but I can live with it.

    Still not cracked how to get RedHotTV for free ... lol ........


    HI GUYS, can't help with the free view box, but work as a tech operator at a very large digital satellite company (if you get my meaning)at weekends and can help as much as i can with any probs or faults with those types of digital boxes,

    I got a £29.99 Matsui from Currys (I know Currys isnt exactly normally bargain-tastic!) I hunted around for ages. It has 2 scart sockets works great for me!

    Model - Matsui DTR3
    Product Code - 419696

    2 SCART sockets

    Fully Interactive


    Remote control

    Now and next EPG (Note it doesnt have a 7-day EPG!)


    Not sure how to make this link shorter!

    mod edit: shortened link for you - search by product code: 419696

    Thanks for shortening the link!
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