I have just discovered this morning after browsing through my bank statement that I have a Card Purchase of £9.95 from then discovered that this has been happening for the past 4 months (so £40.00 without my permission).

    The company is Vista Print which I have sure that most of us know who they are. Free business cards, you name it they offer it. My husband and I ordered Christmas Calendars last year and hidden very crafty in their terms and conditions you end up signing up for this VP Rewards scheme. Trust me when I say we never agreed to this but they have been taking the money out without our permission.

    When I spoke to my bank they have heard of it before and it has caused problems. For further information you can check out this site…892

    This guy has been on the TV giving money saving tips etc.

    I suggest if you have ordered anything from them you check your bank statements and cancel it, unless of course you have agreed to it that is.


    ooooh......harsh, never trusted that site

    never signed up for the rewards thingy but thanks for the warning!

    i have used vista many times and it isnt a con! you have to actually accept you want to join and pay £10 a month. The terms are quite clear.
    I get all partners busines cards-fridge magnets-leaflets-t-shirts etc free-just pay small postage. It is really good and highly recommend it (just dont accept to join the club)

    This happened to me also, & it went unnoticed for about 8 months, I did get my money back by complaining to my credit card company & Vista Print. You will have signed up somewhre on their website & they would of used your payment details from a past transaction with them.

    after you purchase a scren says would you like to save £10 (i think thats right!) and you save £10 but wil pay £10 a month after..

    i no how u feel this happened to me but i got my money back check my thread out:…ut/
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