Possible Scam email Gearbest

Found 17th Jan
Just received an email which looks a bit of scam as I know I have no outstanding orders with them and it suggest I click the link.

Not sure what’s going on here but thought I should give others a heads up in case it was a scam and they were recently hacked and I know lots of people on here order from.

1495860879-1516162488.jpgI may be mistaken but it seems a bit odd.
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Gearbest and scam? Never!
I received 3 of those emails at 2:15am as well, all of them identical.

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Can't see the picture.. what's it say?

Gearbest and scam? Never!
Like all emails, if they don't use your name don't open it.
You did see the thread on them being hacked the other week on here didn’t you
Had the same one.
It has been sent from the same address as all other Gearbest e-mails and has passed other e-mail security checks in the e-mail header such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail).

Also, my last order number from Gearbest works on the website referenced in the e-mail.

So, in my opinion this particular e-mail is not a scam.
They certainly have been overwhelmed with delivering goods using certain methods, especially tracked mail. All my untracked deliverys have got here within 2 weeks, my 2 tracked items are still outstanding 5 weeks later, especially items with a tracking number that starts JJD and getting delivered by Yodel. Starting to lose hope of these items ever arriving, think I will stick with untracked in future, seem less likely to get stuck in customs etc.

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This is happening to your customers because of your recent security leak. You should take some responsibility for your consequences of your failings and contact your customers (particularly the ones whose details you leaked) and warn them to be wary of these emails.

On the note of security btw, did you catch the guys in your warehouses who were stealing from your customers' parcels, or are you still just blaming your couriers and pretending there isn't a problem?

I received 3 of those emails at 2:15am as well, all of them …I received 3 of those emails at 2:15am as well, all of them identical.@Gearbest1

Could you please kindly send me your registered email address and detailed info for checking ?
You can PM me or email me : Alice@gearbest.com

Gearbest Store Rep.Alice
Hi myusernamehasgone234,

Could you please kindly PM me your registered email address for re-checking ?

Gearbest Store Rep.Alice
You can contact me here : Alice@gearbest.co
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