Possible Scam on Clarks Shoes? WARNING...Buyer Beware Perhaps?

Posted 31st Mar 2022
My wife has picked up a flash 80% sales advert online for a site clarksales.uk.
It purports to be Clarks but the prices and one or two other things make me suspicious, along with the saying if it looks too good to be true it probably is!
I contacted Clarks who said that it is not one of their sites.
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    It's not legit just looking at the web address it reads "clark" sales and not "clarks" which is a clear play of letters, I mean unless its "clarks ales" well then I'd be interested
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    Facebook ad?
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    could be came up on candycrush ....are these fakes
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    Similar experience here when looking for certain Brookes running shoes.... brookessalesuk or something of that ilk. Looked legit for quite a while until there were huge discounts when adding to the basket!
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    It's a scam
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    You are right. It is a scam and not only on Facebook. These fraudsters have set up a Clarks site at the following address - ukclarkeshoes.store/?ms…dd1 They are Chinese based and have set up several professional looking websites on the net, including cloning Skechers shoes. If you look at their contact us page, it gives it away. Bad spelling mistakes and exactly like the Skechers site - ukclarkeshoes.store/Con…tml The websites are completely fake and they will steal your money. I have reported this to both the companies and Action Fraud and received nothing back, other than acknowledgements. No progress and neither sites have bee taken down. You try and be helpful and whatever...they are not interested.
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    Look at the spelling. Clarks vs Clarkes.