Possible scam! Please read.

Found 19th Sep 2016
Did anyone buy Fifa 17 from eBay? There was a post on here end of July, someone was selling Fifa 17 (preorder) for £31.99. However the seller is no longer on eBay. The money has been taken out my account. And I have emailed him, but he has not responded.
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put a case in with PayPal. it's what it's there for. buyer protection.
Not sure should be posted here, I did not buy it either, but if the game is not provided on release, open a PayPal case advising item has not been provided due to eBay seller being removed from the site. I have had to do this against a foreign eBay seller and PayPal refunded the money. So you should be ok either way good luck.
Thank. I wanted to warn others as well, it had a lot of heat, so other would have bought it as well
Can't find the deal on here, maybe mods removed it?
If its too good to be true
Probably a hacked ebay account but they're pretty obvious to detect...no seller activity for months then a sudden hot deal to fool people
I paid £51.99 with £35 of nectar points but the accounts gone. I need to send a message to the seller still before eBay step in which is dumb.

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