Possible to get official 3.40 PSP to custom firmware?

Found 18th Aug 2008
I got a friend's PSP which has official sony firmware 3.40, is it possible to get it to 4.01 m33 custom firmware without a pandora battery? Can't seem to find the info anywhere. Thanks in advance.
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yeah, you need a copy of "Lumines" and then you can downgrade to 1.50, then update to 3.52 m33 and finally go to 4.01 m33, should be able to pick one up at CEX for £4 mate, I saw loads in my local the other day.


**EDIT** go to [url]www.noobz.eu[/url] for the downgrade software and instructions on how to do it etc
Thanks, coincidenlty I have a copy of Lumines, didn't like the game but at least it's useful for something!
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