possible to get photos etc from old pc hard drive?

    Hi my sister just called me and asked if its possile to get photos of from a old internal hard drive?, i know she could buy one of them cases for it and plug it into the usb drive but still not sure how she would get the pics from it

    any advice would be great



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    If she gets a case you just open both HD;s and drag the pics across into a … If she gets a case you just open both HD;s and drag the pics across into a folder on new PC

    so it would be as easy as just plugging it into the pc once she gets a case for the hard drive?

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    im guessing i will need to find out if its a ide or sata had that she has?

    would this one do the job?


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    Item number: 280522816112

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    This is the pic my sister sent me, is it ide or sata?

    That's a SATA drive.


    What operating system was she running on her system?

    If it's windows XP then chances are the content protection will kick in and it'll you keep saying you don't have access to the folder - the best way to do is would probably download a Linux Live CD and use that to copy stuff across as Linux pays little attention to windows permissions.
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