possible to run ethernet cable from laptop to xbox 360 for live?

    Hi i want to hook up my 360 to xbox live and was wondering if i could plug the ethernet cable from my laptop that is running wireless to the net through the the 360 itself?

    on my old 360 i used to just run the cable from the router but wanted to see if it could use the conection from my laptop



    you can, but not the "greenest" way to connect to t'internet

    Banned CTUK says though, I did it originally through my PC

    Yes it's what i do, rather than pay £50 for a wireless adaptor!

    On laptop go to:

    Control Panel > Network Connections > Right click your Wireless Network Connection and select properties > Advanced Tab > And tick the box that says "Allow other network users to connect through this Computer's Internet connection.

    I do this alos, don't forget your laptop/PC will have to be on to access live, many a times my missus has shut down the PC cauisng me to d/c from live. Also it makes streaming media to the xbox so much easier.

    There's no benefit or reason to use a laptop as a Gateway. It'll just slow up both.

    From what I can tell you probably do have a router upstairs , but dont want to shell out on the 360 Wireless adaptor. For £54.99 (£45 online) it's quite expensive , but it's dual band and extremely good at what it does. (Faster and more reliable than any other Consoles).

    You can use the internet of a laptop in theory using a cross-over cable between the two and activating ICS (Internet connection sharing) on the laptop. You may need to setyp a gateway address of the IP of the laptop in the 360 settings though. This is all theory, but I'm sure it's possible.

    My personal opinion is to buy the 360 adaptor as over time it will pay itself back on the power and wear and tear your ICS machine would use in a year.


    My personal opinion is run an ethernet cable from your router

    Sack the 360 wireless jobby and get these (you may find a single one for cheaper.).…tw/
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