Possible Voxi data breach?

Posted 1st Feb
My username and password are unique to Voxi.

I've just received a text message from Voxi that says:

We've noticed your account has been logged into and due to the device used we think it may not have been you who did this. As a precaution we've reset your online account password to ensure that only you can access your account. On your next login attempt you'll be prompted to reset your password - we recommend you create a unique password, one that you don't use for any other website. If you need any support, please contact us at voxi.co.uk/contact-us

Has anyone else received the same? Was you account locked and required a password reset?
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Not had anything happen to me
Did you log in from a different device?
Id email them from their website dont click on any link, just to be sure it isnt dodgy
Have you tried to connect (or run an app which is always connected to that account) while using a VPN ?
I've not received a message either.
Is it definitely a genuine email the email maybe a fake just login as usual and then change your password it maybe a fake email that you have had .
Thanks all for confirming if you were affected by the breach.

I have an update from live chat:

Voxi had a security incident where a small number of Voxi accounts were breached on Wednesday by an external source. They are still in the process of sending text messages out to all those that have been affected.
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