Found 10th Aug 2017
Hi does anyone know how I can send a letter without it showing the postmark to the recipient. Tia
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Use Royal Mail OBA or click and drop.
Post it through their door? Post it from somewhere you don't live?
Send it to a friend in another part of the country inside another envelope. Friend takes it out of outer envelope and pops it straight in local postbox.
Why is it an issue showing the postmark?
bobdylan12 m ago


A good few years ago now I received a letter from a work colleague of my husband telling me about the affair he was supposedly having with his Secretary. For any number of reasons I knew the accusations were rubbish and I didn't need to take it further as the perpetrator left under a cloud shortly after. The postmark gave me the evidence to prove where and when it was posted and to put the person in question at the scene of the crime. Why would you want to conceal where an item was posted?
I can see where you got your name from psychobitchfromhell !!
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