Post a lie about the poster above.

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Found 26th Feb 2011
A bit of fun, post a witty untruth about previous poster.

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His threads are entertaining.

The football team in his picture are rubbish.


He's 13 years old!!!

(I've seen his pic, he's actually around 63 with long grey hair and a beer belly the size of Peru)

He's young.

He never looks at porn

He has a nice avatar pic

his avatar is hilarious!

Writes erotic Lord of the Rings fan fiction

he is cool

His comments dont suck

Mod & Ed

is extremely good looking

has a sperm avatar

Mod & Ed

has just pm'd me asking for used underwear

^^ really wishes they had a pony!

doesnt want a donkey

oops , haha, great minds eh , lol

sells drugs to kids!

has a big ****

Edited by: "amfan" 26th Feb 2011

Is totally not in love with ham82

the above poster was arrested last last weekend after being found in an ilegal massage parlour, when police asked why they were there the reply was i thought this was a tanning salon and this nice lady was tanning my hyde :-)

takes it up the garry glitteroO

oO swims in the river mersey

Original Poster

Wears womens underwear for the thrill.

has a crush on brian blessed

Is Brian Blessed


Is an Idiom

Supports a great team

Is very introvert

Original Poster

Was once caught in a compromising position with Wayne Rooney and John Terry in a Butlins chalet.

(_;) err he we weed in my pocket in the kop

(i'm out.....this thread is moving too fast!!)

as u were....

Sells her used undies on fs/ft

X) has a magic handbag

Is really a woman

The avatar is an accurate depiction

(_;) likes rubber toys

Can beat me in CoD

Is really a 60 year old woman called Vera

likes to lick other peoples ear wax out

drinks his own urine for fun
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