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Found 8th Nov 2007
I thought I would start a tread on this specific subject as it seems quite a few people are having the same problems of post going "missing" and since most deals on here are posted out after order...:thumbsup:

I personally have had 3-4 items get stolen in the post over the last couple of months and looks like 2 more this last 2 weeks, now I don't know about the rest of you but this is making me VERY angry :x

You can log a complaint or report missing post on the Royal Mail site but every time you do log a complaint it get the standard "we handle millions of letters every year and deliver oooh all of about 30% so shut up" reply!

Seems like a nice job getting paid to steal all the things you need in life, my posty is a great guy and chat with him every other day and know it's not his fault.

Anyone else having the same problems? found a way to make Royal Mail listen?

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royal mail sucks butt

im forever having things 'go missing' in the post it really aggrevates me

We've had stuff missing and had to contact the place we ordered from (not ordered from a private seller) who always reissue the item, which they shouldnt have to do

Also had a package we sent go missing which was really annoying as was all personal stuff for valentines day from mum, for dad (he was working away) so dad didnt get anything!

I am with LOVEFILM on the 3 months free trial.

Few weeks ago I sent back 2 discs in the same envelope but they never reached them.

Now, just today I have had to report 2 discs that lovefilm posted to me on the 30/10 and 2/11 that haven't arrived. A disc they posted on 3/11 reached me OK, though.

I am sure they are going to get rid of me now as that's 4 discs gone missing and I have only been with them since September :-(

had a phone call once from an insurance company asking me why I hadn't cashed a cheque they sent me 2 months previous, also my wife's Birthday card from her mum didn't arrive plus other stuff like bills wernt coming in the post, so had a quiet word with a mate who works for P.O. internal security and it seemed that the local postie was helping himself and dumping post in the local tip!
Now before all you posties start having a go I know your'e all not like that but there are always a few bad apples ..................

Well it went fine after the strike until about last week, had 5 items sent from Ebay, none have arrive(1 was sent 2 weeks ago from 20 miles away!) and waiting for 3 new bank cards. and a cheque book which hasnt arrived.
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