post nasal drip - any one got this

    recently i have been suffering from this for the last year or so and its starting to bug the hell out of me, as i am constantly clearing my throat or swallowing, then when i cough it comes back up, (sorry for any horrible detail)

    I am allergic to my cat, she is female, had her two years and she not been dressed of anything like that yet, I also had a cough for 3 months which nurse gave me an inhaler to try and that's got rid of the cough but not sure how that got rid of it like but never mind

    Any suggestions to this constant issue


    Get your cat dressed?

    yep I take antihistamne every day to treat it, it is a horrid thing to have, drives me mad!! air purifiers are meant to help too :-)

    oh its called allergic rhinitis by the way and I alsocontrol it by staying away from dairy / wheat as much as poss - especially milk! Try no dairy and wheat for a couple of days and see if it helps :-)


    yep I take antihistamne every day to treat it

    Yes. You need to take them for awhile to work. Don't buy the 7 day pack from chemists and Home Bargain, instead ask the chemist for a generic version. I bought a 30 day box for £2.95 from my chemist. They are hayfever tablets btw and work for your symptoms and skin troubles (itching).

    As mentioned above an antihistamine a day should do the trick

    asda 79p cetrazine hydrocloride :-)

    get rid of the bloody cat

    it may not be the cat...could be dust or spores from everyday life, that is what it is with me - mine is agravated by dairy, especially milk :-(

    Original Poster

    i dont drink milk, eat cheese but not a lot of it and its very rarely,

    update incase anyone needs answers - try local honey ontop of the antihistamine - I've been using it all this week and the nasal drip is almost gone!!! A miracle considering I was being sick most mornings with it!!! try it - what have you got to lose?!
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