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Royal Mail "Fee to pay" card question...

Posted 11th Jun 2021
Hi all. I have a quick question to ask my learned HUKD fellows as this is the first ever time I've received one of these and; as usual; I have tried to get info myself and hit a wall. Google; this time; isn't my friend! Hehe.

Ok. I have a grey card "Sorry, there's a fee to pay before we can deliver your item." Fine. I get what it is and why you receive it but here's the thing - I don't know if it's for me?

Question: At the very top, it states "Name" and "Today's date." Is the name supposed to be your name, the senders name or even the postie's name? I know, I know, it's a daft question but I can't find a definitive answer. My common sense says it should; of course; be your name but that's the thing - it's not me. The address is mine (correct house number) but that's all.

If any of you have had one of these, I'm certain you can answer my question immediately. Did it quote your name?

RM site is useless and nothing but 'going round in circles' non-relatable FAQ nonsense. No speaking to anyone either as my local town RM/PO is just an automated service saying "Go to our website" etc. No-one wants to talk anymore
Now, the moral question: What would you do? Nothing and just forget about it? I feel as if I should do all I possibly can as there's someone out there who has no idea their package is waiting for them - and they'll never know. This is probably why so many people say "my item never arrived" and it seems a shame. It could simply be a misread of the address/number on the package. I think I will try a visit to the sorting office on Monday to see if they can help. I think they used to let you see a letter/package before paying/collecting so they might let me have a goosie-gander at it!

Ironically, I am awaiting a couple of small items - hence my question about the name on the card and my increased curiosity. It doesn't seem to relate to my deliveries either, unless it was a personal name on a "sender" label on the back or something?

Anyway, cheers for reading and if you can clear up my confusion - thank you.
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