Post Office "Homephone" £35 first payment?? is this normal?

    Hi Guys,
    Signed up with the postoffice homephone for my phone line rental.
    Its £11.75 per month and you get inclusive calls etc...
    Its been up for about 2 weeks but i havent used it yet (not moved in yet)
    They have just charged me £35.25 first payment on my bank statement.


    Is this normal? why is this not mentioned to me when i signed up?
    Im a little confused unless this is the first 3 months payed upfront? but i didnt agree to that??
    the site says "no long contract and no minimum tie-in" ok so no tie-in but they charge you for 3 months in 1 go on a 30 day contract?
    do they do this 4 times a year? so you are tied in? or is this just a one off for the first 3 months then each month seperately?
    Im a little lost!


    Read the contract, it will explain it all there

    sounds like 3 months up front though

    They wont give you credit on a phone line, you'll always be paying at least one month in advance.

    yup inlaws signed up as it was the only provider in the sticks of kent that could provide BB and he was charged up front but he is very happy with the service and customer service i think its 3mths up then rolling contract

    pdf of t&c's here [url][/url]

    I'm asuming you pay by Direct Debit? If so they should have provided at least 10 working days advance notice of the collection. If they didn't you are entitled to refund under the DD guarantee but this doesn't mean you don't have to pay them what is in your contract.

    Original Poster

    im not too fussed, just would have been nice to know they where charging me 3 months up front thats all, IF i didnt have the cash id be now faced with a fine for going overdrawn!
    PO is miles better than BT tho
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