Post office not taking soon to be out of circulation notes?

Posted 30th Sep 2022 (Posted 22 h, 26 m ago)
Just popped down to the post office to pay in some money, including a couple of notes that are soon to go out of circulation. They've refused to take the older notes, saying they haven't been taking them for a couple of months now. They're still legal tender! As far as I can see you can still deposit them today, or in fact after today, according to the bank of England. What's the deal?
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    You should be able to pay in old bank notes at any bank you have an account with.

    The last time the twenties changed I paid some in at Santander up to a year after they had gone out of circulation.
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    I guess it depends on the ops local PO being a participating branch or not (edited)
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    I took a couple grand in old 50 notes a month ago and they were baffled as to how I got them. Asked so many questions and said they don't normally take these notes. Then tried to say they can only take £250 worth maximum. Eventually they agreed to take it all.
    Errrr..... So how did you get them?
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    I know people stuff wads under mattress but just change small amounts over a period of time. Staff can and do ask questions so don't give them a reason and if they do have an answer ready.
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    I took a £50 note into my local post office earlier and they took it from me without hesitation…I’ve been lucky then!
    Did they give you any new notes in return?
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    With the value of the £ now, these are best used for stuffing mattresses for extra comfort. Not under the mattress, in the mattress...
    Given my fuel bill, I'm going start burning them for warmth.
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    Feel free to send me all your old banknotes.
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    Today is the last day you can use them before maybe having to do it via the bank of England directly…wal (edited)
    Exactly, are they allowed to choose whether to accept them or not? I was presenting legal tender.
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    do let us know how it goes OP
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    I tried to take some to a post office in Wales, in July 2021, and they said they wouldn’t take them .. so in October 2021, I tried to take them to a post office in England, and they said they wouldn’t take them, and I should take them to my bank .. just out of curiosity, what date is the last chance to exchange them? my dad originally said 30/09/22, but then read something (probably on that it’s now December
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    As far as I can see it's today.
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    You should be able to deposit old notes into your bank forever with no end date as a customer. Even old coins can be taken while there's still a few around ie £1 coins.