Post Office now accepting Tracked 24/48

Posted 23rd Dec 2022 (Posted 21 h, 27 m ago)
For those who use these services regularly, you'd know that if you required proof of posting you'd have to either drop off at a delivery office or arrange collection.

I was pleased to learn this week that the post office are now accepting them too. Not sure when it began or for how long it'll last but hope it helps someone!
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    Royal Mail CSPs (Customer Service Points) are going to be closing in the new year- that explains why Post Offices will now take Tracked. People will have 2 chances to have their packets redelivered instead of being able to pick them up. It's all part of the Royal Mail leadership's race to the bottom.
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    Why would you when its the state it in? I sent tracked 24 16th...still not arrived... I sent a 48....on 10th...still not arrived.....ill be avoiding these for sure now... Pay a premium get peanuts (edited)
    All of them seem to be a mess nowadays. Had two Fedex 'next day by 9AM' parcels go missing out of three, and the customer service is appalling ("a supervisor will manually search the depot and get back to you"; never happens). If the expensive premium services at £10+ per small parcel can't get it right anymore, you can't expect much from Evri or strike-hit RM. (edited)
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    I'd boycott RM out of principle now. Use someone like DPD for your parcels.
    18 days they would have been on strike this year,they say the RM have lost over £100 million because ofit well the books have to be balanced in months to come also you must ask yourself if they can afford to lose 18 days of pay they can’t be that badly paid to start with same applies to train staff so why don’t don’t they do us all a favour and get back to work and stop holding the Uk to ransom
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    I thought it has been quite a while they have been doing this because I remember dropping off a parcel a few months ago (unless it wasn't Tracked 24 or 48). My local PO even has a separate counter just inside the entrance so that these folks don't clog the regular queue. Bear in mind that acceptance does not mean delivery, at least right now.
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    Can anyone else qualify this?
    I have used it in 3 different post offices in the last few weeks.
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    Been doing this for a few months now, always got accepted at a post office.
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    That's interesting - they weren't last week (15th).
    Took a Tracked24 parcel to the nearest "Delivery Office" but it was shut (strike day ). Tried the main PO nearby but they confirmed not able to accept it. Had to return the next day for DO to accept it.
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    The main gift for my wife has been stuck at our local sorting office for over a week now. It was sent tracked 24
    Annoying as...
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    My tracked 24 parcel from 5/12 was delivered 21/12, madness.
    To be fair, that's not bad for a guaranteed 24 day delivery service.
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    All Post offices can accept them, but as none of them get paid a single penny to do it, many will turn their noses up in the hope you come back next time and pay normally.

    It does seem very odd, for Royal Mail to push these cheaper but superior methods (fully tracked, £100 insurance and currently free collections - I even paid 31p for a signature option instead of £1) even beating the rates that business customers have to pay. Since the strikes, I've stopped using my business account and am paying less for a better product (if they get delivered anyway).
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    I've used parcel Force which I believe are RM? Surprisingly, the 24 hour delivery has been spot on. Zero delays even after strike days.

    I'd suggest trying them or I may have just been lucky. It's not cheap but if it gets your stuff there on time, probably worth the extra right now.
    Won't they be on strike tomorrow?
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