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    Post Offices to strike for 5 days next week…460

    Post Office workers will stage five days of strikes from Monday in a continuing dispute over jobs, pensions and branch closures, their union says.
    The Communication Workers Union said the walkout would start on Monday 19 December and include Christmas Eve.
    It will involve thousands of workers from the Crown Post Offices.
    The Post Office said despite the walkout it would be "business as usual" with "at least" 97% of its 11,600 branches not involved.
    Crown Post Offices are the larger branches that are usually located in High Streets.


    posted twice, your definitely not on strike.


    posted twice, your definitely not on strike.


    It's not all Post Offices. It's about 2-300 Crown Offices, in an network that is literally 13,000 strong! It's a non-story that will not affect the majority of people in the UK.

    Also nothing to do with Royal Mail, who will still be delivering with their usual care and diligence! (You've been warned!)

    Agreed - for anyone coming here from the ridiculous sensationalist headline about relying on postal deliveries in the HUKD mailout (shame on you HUKD), this will NOT make the slightest bit of dfference to postal deliveries. They are carried out by Royal Mail which is an entirely different company to Post Office Counters who operate Crown Post Offices. You can still post mail and parcels at thousands of sub-post offices though, so this is hardly going to cripple the Christmas post!

    This is nothing more than click-bait for HDUK's email. Why can't people just get their **** facts straight before posting?


    OP - added a bit more information to your description so its a bit clearer what is actually happening here.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone else
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