Post Office telephone and Broadband????

    I have now received my MAC code from BT and want to switch over. I am thinking about going with the post office, any comments???

    I am thinking about going for the home phone and broadband extra which is £25.95 per month and you pay nothing with BT.

    Anyone used these?

    Ta Guys:thumbsup:


    I'ld be onterested aswell if anyone can say??

    There is very little feedback yet as this is a new service. Some Quidco money back if you don't have any other affiliate link. The PO are reselling the BT wholesale product so I would assume that the service would be similar to BT's own.

    The good thing about it is that you ought not to have the unbundling difficulties that some of the other providers' services suffer from.

    Went on to it last night , easy set up and now running at 4.5gig instead of 1

    Original Poster

    I am sorry I am really not with it with this type of thing. I put in my number to see what the speed I could get would be and it said 7?? I am presuming this is fast as they advertise as being able to go up to 8.

    So what you reckon then guys, I go for it?
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