Post some of your favourite rap lyrics

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Found 10th Aug 2009
this song is about the Viet War
I cant post these lyrics because i will probably get banned but this guy is awesome.. worth a listen

they way he raps it is incredible…xnM

gets good at 1:26

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I embrace y'all with nepalm.
Blowed up, no guts left, chest, face gone.

im the opposite of moderate, immaculately polished with the spirit of a huster and the swagger of a college kid

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"Yo, you might see me joggin, you might see me walkin
You might see me walkin a dead rottweiler dog
with it's head chopped off in the park with a spiked collar
hollerin at him cause the son of a ***** won't quit barkin"

I'm amazin', yeah, I'm all that
If I ain't on my grind then what you call that
Victorious, yeah, we warriors
We make history, strive off victory

Standing at my podium
I'm trying watch my sodium
Die high blood pressure
You even let the Feds getcha

I'm amazin', born on the full moon
I was bred to get it in, no spoon
That's why I'm so goose, summer time, no juice
Big family, small house, no rooms


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